What We Do

We connect donors to their passion for New Richmond and its future through their charitable gifts.

We operate a grants-making program that supports the important work of nonprofits and programs serving greater New Richmond. Our foundation also brings together people to explore concerns and issues impacting our community.

Our programs and community investments are guided by Destiny Drivers. These areas of focus emerged from an intensive process to listen to community residents and create a vision for New Richmond’s future.

Destiny Drivers


We work collaboratively to foster leadership capabilities among all segments of our community – from youth to elders.


The ability to read and write at an effective level is essential to individual and community well-being. We join in community-wide projects and initiatives that support a high level of literacy from early childhood through late adulthood among all citizens of our community.


Hunger can strike any individual or family struggling financially. We work collaboratively to educate the community on the immense issue of hunger and secure resources to combat hunger in our region.


Safe and accessible pathways contribute to the health and well-being of community residents. We leverage resources to create a comprehensive pathway system that connects residential areas with parks, schools, commerce, recreation areas, bike routes, and waterways. We support green spaces and open-air gathering places for the benefit of all.


More than just a warm place to rest, shelter is broadly defined as offering protection from the “storms” of life’s challenges. We invest in programs that combat homelessness, provide safe shelter, and promote affordable and stable housing.